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Rebecca O designer

Rebecca O was first introduced to fashion designing at the young age of 10 after discovering her next door neighbors Felita's, sewing and designing talents.  She made it a habit to come home from school and stare through the window at how this self made seamstress created her unique clothing pieces and she quickly was enamored with the fashion world. 


Soon thereafter her neighbor allowed her to sit in and watch her work while she began learning hands on all the basics of this elaborate new interest.  At the age of 14, she started taking workshops of fashion design with the renowned Puerto Rican designer, Carlota Alfaro and within a few years she already manufactured many smaller collections including her first wedding dress for commercial sale.


In 1986 she started to work with the Cuban fashion designer Mirtha Rubio as her direct assistant learning all the final steps on creating complete collections, taking on personal clients, preparing and supporting her designer's fashion shows and collaborating on marketing initiatives.


Three years later Rebecca O opened her 1st fashion atelier were she established a plethora of direct clients including her expansion of collections to include menswear.  By 1989 she had already won the PR “Moda” contest Revelation Designer Award.  Her designs were influenced by the tropical landscape, ocean views, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets of the Caribbean islands.


For over two decades she continued confectioning many different masterpieces while becoming a "concierge style" by appointment only on demand fashion designer for many of Latin America's most elite clients.  In addition, she expanded her experience in the marketing and advertising fields having additional professional success in the media industry for some of the top corporations in television, radio, and print.


After an amazing collaborating year with renown Colombian designer Gustavo Arango, Rebecca O decides to relocate to the USA in 2015 and make South Florida her new home. Here she begins to once again expand her clients reach with a unique service while influencing the fashion industry with her passion and dedication to simply create the most exquisite pieces that take your breath away.

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